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Tanning News > ā€˜Dā€™ Deficiency Rickets: A Real Case

7 Mar 2011

A Colorado woman whose infant daughter’s severe vitamin D deficiency led to a shattered spine and multiple other fractures had her daughter taken away from her by authorities who mistook the child’s injuries as child abuse. The unbelievable story is the subject of this month’s Vitamin D Council newsletter.

2011-03-07 Baby with rickets copyThe woman, 20-year-old Michelle Gonzalez, went through several misdiagnosis of her daughter’s lack of movement before a doctor finally took an x-ray. “After the x-ray though, my whole life flipped completely upside down. My husband and I were informed that my daughter had multiple fractures throughout her body and that her spine was also fractured which was the cause of her loss of movement in her arms. I just about fainted when they told me this,” Gonzalez wrote in a letter to the Vitamin D Council, which is reproduced in-whole in this month’s newsletter. “They then informed me that they had to report it to child protection, which I fully understood and in my heart knew they would figure out that this was NOT abuse but something more. But I was wrong.”

“After being at the hospital for almost 2 weeks, the police and a couple social workers came to tell us that we had to leave the hospital immediately and that if we came back or even called we would be arrested. That was July 28th, the day she turned 3 months, and the last time I ever saw my daughter.”

The Vitamin D Council is fighting to get authorities to realize that vitamin D deficiency-caused rickets cases are not child abuse — claiming that Gonzalez is not alone and that many other cases of childhood fractures are being misdiagnosed.