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Session Packages

These are best suited for our customers who plan to spread out their tanning.  If you plan to tan 2 or less times a week this is best for you. Can't use all 20 before summer? Don't worry, with 1-2 years to use them, they'll be here for you in the fall to refresh that summer glow!  

Unlimited Packages

These are best if you plan on coming in 3 or more times a week. Great for our customer who needs to build a base tan, or for the tanner who wants a long term package without the commitment of a membership!


Great for our year around tanners. Our memberships provide unlimited tanning at a great discounted price! With these long term memberships you also get discounted upgrades (to a bed not in your package) and a discount on your 1st lotion bottle!  See our great membership below!


   $39.00/Month + Low Enrollment Fee
   Get 40% Off First Bottle!

    Upgrade Fees
    Level 3 $8.00


   $59.00/Month + Low Enrollment Fee
    50% Off First Bottle


*Memberships have no minimum commitment just 30 days notice is required to cancel. You are conveniently charged to a debit or credit card on the 15th of each month automatically. You may freeze your membership with 1 week notice prior to the billing date and only be charged a small freeze fee while it is not active. See store for details.